Changing Life Experience

Texas Advocacy Project is a small but powerful team of attorneys, staff and volunteers on a mission to prevent domestic and dating violence, sexual assault and stalking throughout Texas through free legal services, access to the justice system, and education.

The Challenge:

As Texas Advocacy Project has continued to grow, they have also experienced an increasing dependency on digital solutions to deliver their services to clients, develop networks with partners, and grow fundraising support channels. They built a proprietary custom web application to integrate website, content management, and donor management which was hosted, managed and maintained in-house.

But the custom web application quickly became antiquated, inflexible and created a critical roadblock to their staff to keeping up with the increasing digital demands of their clients and partners.

The Solution:

Texas Advocacy Proejct sought a trusted partner to help them craft a new website experience that clearly and simply communicates who they are, what they do and for whom they do it. They needed a modern, robust and scalable open-source solution for content management and donor management.

Through Continion's agency partner M Group Agency, Continion designed a new web experience to communicate this new value story architecture, using the look of other offline brand collateral as the springboard to a consistent, yet expanded visual presence. Peformant also developed an integrated, open-source content management and donor management solution, using Drupal and CiviCRM, as well as a scalable web application hosting solution with an agile, continuous-integration development workflow to guarantee a future-proof infrastructure.

The Result:

Texas Advocacy Project was thrilled to experience a painless launch of a new website, as well as an entirely user-friendly digital marketing platform. This had an immediate impact on improved client service delivery. Internal staff now possesses the ability to easily make website updates, launch new events, and manage donors.