Empowering Higher Education

St. Edward’s University is a private, liberal arts Roman Catholic university with approximately 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students that has experienced tremendous growth in the past 10 years.

The Challenge:

To keep up with the pace of this growth, St. Edward’s University has had to quickly scale its marketing efforts, capabilities, technologies and operations. The university needed to retool its website into a unified and integrated web application to serve as St. Edward’s primary recruiting channel, student portal, and department and staff portals.

As the scale of the university’s website grew, it became clear to St. Edward’s Marketing team and its Executive Information Systems (EIS) team that the website was struggling to keep up with the marketing demands of the university.

The Solution:

Through Continion's agency partner M Group Agency, St. Edward’s engaged Continion to be the stewards of the university’s website, bridging the gap between EIS and Marketing and ensuring the efficient, effective performance of St. Edward’s marketing technology.

Continion helped St. Edward’s assess the need for the website to not only be transitioned from EIS to Marketing, but also physically moved and hosted outside of St. Edward’s network to improve development processes. This meant matching St. Edward’s’ existing modern scalable server architecture with an external hosting solution to ensure continuity through the migration. Continion also helped St. Edward’s Marketing team integrate best-practice agile development workflows to increase the efficiency of managing website support requests university-wide.

The Result:

With the help of Continion, St. Edward’s was able to transition the website from EIS to Marketing in less than two months without any downtime to the website or internal support services. At the moment the website went live on the new server platform, St. Edward’s Marketing was fully operational to receive, manage and execute any and all support requests for the website. St. Edward’s has nearly doubled their website development production allowing them reduce their request backlog by half and increase their go-to-market speed by weeks.