Building a New Category

Bautex Systems is a startup business in the construction materials space. They have a proprietary, environmentally friendly product ready to revolutionize the construction industry.

The Challenge:

Bautex needed to transition from a sales-centric company to one with a fully integrated marketing and sales technology stack able to prove – and reinforce the efficiency and effectiveness of lead-generation efforts. Bautex invested in various sales-tech and martech (e.g. a CMS-powered website, Salesforce, Google Analytics, etc.) with the intent to track sales and marketing efforts.

The Solution:

Bautex quickly realized that just installing marketing technology tools was not enough to serve their needs. Gaps in the data, and lack of data sharing between disparate techs plagued the infrastructure as well.

Partnering with M Group Agency, Continion created a digital marketing platform for Bautex, including a a CMS-driven website fully outfitted and integrated with Google Analytics, Salesforce, MailChimp, and a custom social stream solution, as well as Marketing Automation technologies and workflows.

The Result:

With the new Continion platform in place, Bautex had the technical infrastructure to track customer activation through entire funnel and provide analysis and reporting on the efforts of both marketing and sales. Now Bautex has the power of data-to-decision to move their company forward.